Introducing our Rotary Surface Grinding Video Series 1

Bourn & Koch (OEM for Blanchard) has partnered with THORS eLearning Solutions to develop and release an online training course designed specifically for rotary surface grinding. THORS provides data-driven training modules which are time efficient and are accessible from any computer or mobile device. Through this partnership, Bourn & Koch and THORS hope to provide the next generation of Blanchard grinder operators with the learning materials they need to be successful.

"As the former product manager and business unit manager for Blanchard grinders here at Bourn & Koch, I thought I knew a lot about the process. The courses we developed with THORS helped me learn more about a core product that we build, service, and run in our shop."

- Joe Goral, Director of Sales & Marketing

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The Rotary Surface Grinding Video Series 1 introduces learners to the basic functions, components, and terminology associated with modern rotary surface, or Blanchard, grinders. The series addresses methods for securing both the workpiece and the abrasive grinding wheel and provides a basic definition of processes such as roughing and finishing operations. In addition, important process steps for dressing abrasive grinding wheels and a detailed breakdown of abrasive material specifications are also provided. 

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Bourn & Koch has long supplied its customers with new and remanufactured Blanchard grinders, along with service and support. Blanchard remains one of the most popular machine tools for which Bourn & Koch receives requests for parts and field service. Blanchard is also the highest volume machine tool that Bourn & Koch produces, manufacturing and remanufacturing machines from small 12-inch diameter tables up to 120-inch diameter tables.