Test Your Knowledge on Rotary Surface Grinding!

The Rotary Surface Grinding Video Series 1 introduces learners to the basic functions, components, and terminology associated with modern rotary surface, or Blanchard, grinders. The series addresses methods for securing both the workpiece and the abrasive grinding wheel and provides a basic definition of processes such as roughing and finishing operations. In addition, important process steps for dressing abrasive grinding wheels and a detailed breakdown of abrasive material specifications are also provided.

The Rotary Surface Grinding Video Series 2 introduces learners to concepts that are important to the grinding process, such as cutting parameters, basic program codes, and macro variable programming. Finally, important best practices and troubleshooting techniques for surface grinding operators are presented.

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"As the former Product Manager and Business Unit Manager for Blanchard grinders here at Bourn & Koch, I thought I knew a lot about the process. The courses we developed with THORS helped me learn more about a core product we build, service and run in our shop"

Joe Goral, Bourn & Koch Director of Sales & Marketing